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Veranda is a collaborative taproom and spirit hall from Vaycay Brew Co and Burwood Distillery. Our home at The Stables on the Currie Barracks was built in 1936. This single-story building was one of Currie Barracks’ first structures and was home to the ‘B’ Squadron of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regiment. The building’s unique ‘K’-shaped design accommodated up to one hundred horses while the high ceilings, arrangement of windows and doors, and brick construction maximized light, airflow, and sanitation. Fast forward 85 years later, after the purchase of the Stables from Canada Lands, Burwood Distillery and Vaycay Brew Co moved in and converted one of Calgary’s most historic buildings into a functional craft beverage production facility. With a desire for real community connection, a partnership is born with a focus on premium spirits, craft beer, and local scratch food.

our menu


feed your thirst for craft

Bourbon crab dip - 21

Burwood single hive, lump crab, smoked Gouda,artichokes, boozy onions, charred corn, beer bread crostini, corn tortillas

Meat & Cheese Picnic - 32

Bresaola, spicy soppressata, truffle salami, smoked gouda, double cream brie, dill goat cheese, speedo mustard, house-made pickles, beer bread crostini, Belgian endive

Fun Guy Toast - 15 

Forest mushrooms, endive, rosemary, thyme, golden egg yolk, pesto, beer bread toast

Garlicky Spiced Prawns - 17

Spicy black garlic prawns, Crouching Tiger Rice Lager, toasted barley crouton

Brewers Nachos - 22

Authentic corn tortillas, Tajin, spiced pickled peppers, tangerine chili olives, fresh avocado, grape tomatoes, spring onions, smoked gouda

Add Grilled Chicken - 6
Add Spicy Ground Beef - 7

Butter "Chicken" Cauliflower  - 16

Roasted curried cauliflower bites, Indian spiced tomato cream sauce, house fired naan, cucumber mint riata

Tangerine Olives - 6

Speedo-marinated tangerine olives

Beer Bread, Vinegar & Oil  - 5

Garlic brushed house beer bread, EVOO, house malted barley vinegar

our drinks


made on site


Cherry Bomb - 1oz - 11

Burwood Vodka, Burwood Cherry liqueur, Burwood honey, lime juice, sour cherry and Fever Tree ginger beer

Jewel Berry Mule - 1oz - 11

Burwood Winter Berry Gin, Burwood Vodka, lime juice, demerara, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and Fever Tree ginger beer

Burwood Mule - 1oz - 10

Burwood Vodka, lime juice, Fever Tree ginger beer, Burwood honey syrup, raw ginger

Veranda Caesar - 1oz - 12

Burwood Vodka, tangy Veranda caesar spice, clamato, charcuterie skewer

Shafted - 1oz - 11

Burwood vodka, Phil and Sebastian espresso, oat milk

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